Tommy Kung,Partner
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Experience :

Tommy Kung, Partner, Joined CID in 2006. In his early career, Tommy worked at Quanta Computer Inc. for 6 years, where he was assigned different positions working and leading sales/marketing/project management teams within different product lines, including Notebook, PDA, PMP, PND and Automotive Systems. He was subsequently promoted to an investment manager in the strategic investment team (CEO/President office). From 1999 to 2001, he worked for First International Computer Portable Computing Group where he led a Planning and R&D team for the Notebook line for Japan & European OEM/ODM customers. Before First Internal Computer, he was a senior marketing specialist for GVC Corporation, a leading Cable Modem/Router/Switch/Hub manufacturer which was merged by LiteOn Group in 1999.

Tommy has broad investment and industry experience in a range of diverse fields such as networking, portable computing, memory, and investment. With over 9 years of work experience in the IT industry, Tommy has valuable industry contacts and insight. His deep domain know-how and relationships enables his invested companies to build strong strategic relationships with customers and partners.