Howard S. Lee,Partner
Education :
Experience :

Dr. Howard S. Lee, Partner, is responsible for Life Science investment of The CID Group. Dr. Lee has over sixteen-year experience in investment banking, global healthcare venture capital and project management fields. Prior to joining CID Group, Dr. Lee was a Managing Director of Easy Life Science Management Inc. He was the Chief Investment Officer of UniMed Venture Management Inc., a Taiwan biomedical venture capital firm from July 1st, 2009 to Oct. 31st 2010. He also used to be a Managing Director at Silver Biotech Management, Inc. (SBM) for three years. SBM served as general partner for Coller Capital,and managed two biotech funds, Coller Partners 403, L.P. and Formosa Healthcare Investments L.P. with fund size of US$100M. Dr. Lee used to serve as President & CEO of CDIB Biotech USA Investment Co. Ltd., from October 2000 to June 2006, he also served as Vice President of China Development Industrial Bank, a prominent investment bank in Taiwan, from October 1995 to June 2006. During the eleven years, Dr. Lee led more than US$200M of global equity investment in healthcare industry. Before then, Dr. Lee accumulated broad industrial experience from conducting environmental engineering projects in diversified industries since 1992.