Entire Technology Co., successfully listed on TWSE Emerging Board (Fund V)

Jun 1, 2020

The CID Group (“CID”) is pleased to announce that Entire Technology Co., (“Entire” or “the Company,” Stock Code: 6775:TT), one of CID Greater China Venture Capital Fund V, L.P. portfolio companies, has been successfully listed on TWSE Emerging Board on May 29th, 2020.

Founded in 2003, Entire had been the leading diffuser plate manufacturer in TFT industry. With the Company’s endeavor and CID’s value-added contribution, Entire made its first IPO in 2009. However, traditional diffuser application become gradually saturated with low entrance barrier and limited growth; Entire’s market cap went from the peak of more than US$600m to lower than $80m. The Company decided to transform and grasp opportunities in latest development in Mini-LED and 5G applications.

CID recognized Entire’s diversified business strategy and bought-out Entire in 2016 for US$102.5m, and has worked closely with the management team on its development, such as cost efficiency assessment, business strategies planning and tuning, and also utilized resources to build strategic alliance for the Company’s growth. As a result, Entire has successfully developed micron-level micro-structure diffuser plates for applications, such as gaming notebooks, tablets, and is also in the process of certifying diffuser plates and light guide plates to be used in automotive displays.

With our effort, Entire has improved from net loss to net income of NT$160m (US$5.3m) within four years, with net EPS of NT$2.09 (US$0.07) for 2019. Based on the closing price of the first trading day, Entire’s total valuation is NT$36.25b (US$120m), more than our acquisition cost. In addition, we still have spin-off subsidiaries, Enflex and Singpen, under incubation and will ramp up growth and exit in due course.