Hold Controlling Interests to Bolster Company Operations
Evergreen Holdings
“Integrate industry resources, utilize capital markets to expand business scale, and develop a significant impact on industries.”
Core Holdings
Selecting enterprises with crucial positions in industry chains and long-term growth potential from CID portfolio accumulated over the decades.
Long-term Partnerships
Becoming the most trusted and valued strategic shareholders of companies through long-term investments and deep engagement.
Expanded Influence
Leveraging industry resources and capital markets to help corporate partners achieve growth more rapidly and effectively, expanding their influence in the industry.
Select Industries
Focusing on leading upstream enterprises in optoelectronics, optical materials, pharmaceuticals, AIoT, enterprise software, and ESG services.
Strategic Support
CID can provide strategic advice, operational analysis, industry resources, and capital support, working closely with partner companies for continuous growth.
Investment Portfolio
Long-term investments in 12 listed and privately held companies, with a total market value exceeding $1.5 billion.