Diversified Professional Resources and a Robust System
Family Office
“Assist families in completing unique and flexible long-term plans to achieve sustainable family development goals.”
Analyzing industry shifts, regional integration, and the transition between old and new economies with a long-term perspective and a global outlook.
Asset Allocation
Investing in forward-looking industries spanning innovative technologies, healthcare, consumer, software and clean energy, with investments in over 200 companies.
Focusing on industries with high growth potential and establishing a portfolio of vertical integrated and synergistic industry chains.
Providing strong capital support by partnership with global sovereign wealth Funds, endowments, corporate leaders and family offices.
Unique Solutions
Extending our value-added support to startups via internal professional teams in industry research, operations and finance.
Long-term Partnerships
Achieving 61 IPOs and 72 M&A transactions for the portfolio companies, with average 3x multiple and 28% IRR.