Provide Extensive Assistance in Corporate Management
Private Equity
“Offer strategic guidance and elevate technical capabilities, operational efficiency, and financial health to propel companies to new heights of success.”
Macro Trends
Structural changes driven by technological innovation and the development of new economies present unprecedented challenges and opportunities across industries.
Taiwanese companies have accumulated solid operational capabilities and robust financial structures over the years, providing a strong foundation for business upgrades and transformations.
Industry Integration
Enterprises transitioning from growth to maturity need to adapt proactively and adjust flexibly, to navigate evolving changes and develop new advantages.
Strategic Resources
CID can provide strategic advice, operational analysis, industry resources and capital support, working closely with enterprises to reshape the future.
Diverse Solutions
Tailoring transformation plans for each company, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, restructuring, privatizations and re-listings.
Success Cases
Accomplished successful transformations for listed companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.